FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big are the coaches? What is the minimum and maximum group size per trip?

We have coaches for groups of 5 to 81 people, from minibuses to classic coaches and double-deckers. Of course you can also rent several buses at the same time if you are planning for a very large group.

2. Where can I start my trip from?

When you rent a bus at Schröder Reisen, you determine the start and destination of your journey as well as the route individually. From our travel centers in Berlin and Langenau near Ulm, we will travel to any place you wish and pick up your group directly at your door step if you wish.

3. Which countries can I travel to with Schroeder Reisen?

We have a license for Germany, all EU member states, Great Britain and Switzerland

4. Can the coach be used on site at the destination?

You can book this option additionally. Please let us know your wishes for on-site trips when you make your request, and we will calculate this for day trips as well as for trips lasting several days.

5. Can people with disabilities also travel on the bus?

Yes, most of our coaches have wide, level entrances which make it easier for people with reduced mobility to board the bus. On request, two wheelchair spaces per coach can be arranged, which can be reached via a ramp or lift. Please kindly let us know about your needs in advance.

6. How are the buses equipped?

Our coaches are equipped as standard with microphone, music system and cool box or refrigerator, on request with an emergency toilet or WC with washing facilities. In many buses are additionally sockets and WLAN available.
An on-board kitchen or coffee machine, refrigerator, sausage stove or microwave are available on request, as is technical equipment such as multimedia equipment, DVD player or video screens. For further wishes see also point 7.

7. Can buses be adapted to special requests?

In some buses we can mount the seats with more space for extra legroom. If required, we can provide you with a separate luggage trailer, ski box or bicycle trailer. We always have an ear for special requests. Just ask.

8. Are there snacks or drinks on board?

On request, we offer coffee, tea, cold drinks, hot dogs, snacks or other food on the way. Or we welcome your guests with a glass of sparkling wine. It is also permitted to bring your own drinks and snacks. Beverage crates must be stowed in the luggage compartment.

9. How do I get an offer?

Please contact us by phone, e-mail or via the inquiry form. Just provide us with the basics of your journey: Start and destination, date, estimated number of people and special wishes.

10. How can I make a booking?

If you like our offer, you can book via phone, e-mail or fax and you will receive a confirmation from us. The order is then binding for us and your bus including driver is reserved. If there are any changes in your travel plans or the number of participants, you can still make changes in consultation with us up to 7 days before the start of the trip (Please note that this might affect the price of the offer).

11. How does the payment work?

You will receive an invoice from us and can pay via bank transfer, credit card or SEPA direct debit. New customers are kindly requested to pay in advance up to 14 days before the start of their first booking. Further bookings are usually possible on account.

12. My plans changed! Can I cancel an order?

Cancellation after confirmation of the booking will incur a cancellation fee, staggered according to the proximity in time to the travel date:

  • Up to 30 days before the planned start of the trip: 10% cancellation fee
  • 29 – 15 days before the planned start of the trip: 30% cancellation fee
  • 14 – 7 days before the planned start of the trip: 50% cancellation fee
  • 6 – 2 days before the planned start of the trip: 80% cancellation fee
  • From 48 hours before the scheduled start of the trip: 90% cancellation fee
  • After the scheduled start of the trip: 100% cancellation fees

13. Are there different prices for adults and children?

No, because every person, big or small, gets their own seat.

14. Is a child car seat necessary for infants?

It is mandatory for everyone to fasten their seatbelts on the coach. We highly recommend that infants between 0-3 years of age are seated on a child seat. Please bring a suitable child safety seat with you, it can be fastened with the two-point belts in the bus.

15. What happens in case of an emergency?

Schröder Reisen is always available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should your bus be unable to continue its journey for any reason, your driver will contact the company headquarters. We will send a replacement vehicle by the shortest route and arrange everything necessary for you.

16. How safe is the trip by bus?

The Schröder Reisen team consists of experienced bus drivers who regularly attend safety training courses. Our modern coaches are equipped with a variety of assistance and safety systems ranging from anti-lock brakes, braking and lane assistance to Attention Assist and Front Collision Guard for maximum safety.

17. Are there any breaks on long journeys?

After 4.5 hours of driving, a break of 45 minutes is mandatory by law for drivers. Short toilet or smoking breaks are possible if needed.

18. Can I bring pets?

Small animals, e.g. dogs, are allowed on the bus if arranged for and registered prior to the trip. Please ask the customer service in our travel center.

19. What happens if I have lost my belongings on the bus?

Please send an e-mail with a description of the missing item to lost@omnibus-schroeder.de, including your travel dates and the name of your travel group.